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What You Need To Know About Energy

Decreasing Energy Intensity in Manufacturing: Assessing the Strategies and Future Directions of the Industrial Energy Technologies Program (2005)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has supported the Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) for more than a decade. This program funds R&D into energy efficiency technologies designed to decrease the energy intensity of the U.S. industrial sector. The focus is on seven energy-intensive industries-aluminum, chemicals, forest products, glass, metal casting, mining, and steel-known as the Industries of the Future (IOF). DOE asked the NRC for a review of this program, including an evaluation of the ITP strategic plan, an evaluation of the technical quality of individual subprogram plans, and the prospective value of the multiyear program plan. This report presents the results of that review. It contains an assessment of the ITP strategy, how effectively it is being implemented, and the likelihood of achieving program goals. Overall, the NRC found the program to be well managed and effective, successful at leveraging its resources through a large and growing number of partnerships with industry, industry associations, and academic institutions. Because these strategies have worked well, the NRC recommends that they be applied to ITP’s subprograms and regional offices.

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